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2nd EAI International Conference on ICT Infrastructures and Services for Smart Cities

April 20–21, 2017 | Brindisi, Italy


Keynote Speaker 1: Thursday, April 20th, 2017, h 09:15


Smart cities and citizenship participation: Crowdsensing as a core enabler

Prof. Antonio Corradi - University of Bologna (Italy)

Prof. Antonio Corradi - University of Bologna (Italy)


Smart cities are aggregating more and more citizens and concentrate both deep needs and promising opportunities in solving complex problems for most people, by facing complexity but also by granting efficiency in solutions. Since the smartness of a city stems from many technical areas and different solutions strategies, a critical point is to converge in the direction of finding new resources that can contribute to the smartness of cities mainly in terms of smart people. Crowdsensing, as the capacity of collecting, harvesting, sharing, and requesting data from citizens over the city in many different forms, is a key issue to find an optimal solution to the heterogeneous problems that cannot be easily faced with a specific organized task force. Crowdsensing, since it can exploit available potential toward a pervasive involvement of people toward solutions, can become an effective strategy to obtain even optimal answers to the so differentiated problems of a smart city. The engineering effort goes in providing city managers with a repertory of services already solved and also policies to obtain creative and lateral solutions. In other words, crowdsourcing can become the environment where to test new policies on the field and also propose new social engineering directions for creating new communities.


BIO: Antonio Corradi, full professor at the University of Bologna in the area of Computer Networks, works in all fields of distributed and parallel middleware, from pervasive and heterogeneous computing, to cloud solutions, mobile systems and social applications for smart cities (in teaching and research, in large projects and in many other local initiatives).  He is deeply involved in technology transfer, toward local organizations and companies, and international organizations (not only within the EU). In the last few years, among many other responsibilities, he is engaged as local UNIBO representative for Latin America and the chair of the High Technology Network for ICT of Emilia Romagna.